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Player Registrations for the 2019 Tournament Ends In



Welcome and thank you for registering for the 2019 United Heroes League 10th Anniversary NyTex DFW Armed Forces Hockey Classic!

Welcome to Player Registration! This is the first step in entering and playing in the

10th Anniversary 2019 United Heroes League Armed Forces Hockey Tournament. Player registration allows players to complete the documentation registration actions, plus lets our directors and captains begin managing the player pool for the draft. The second critical step is to pay your $150 registration fee in the very near future. We will activate this link shortly; so watch our FB page and your email inbox. Only registered, confirmed, and paid players will participate. This will be on a first come, first served basis for registering and paying.


The overall process is outlined below:

1. Player Registration opens today (01MAR19) and is open through 31MAR19. Players that fail to register during this time period will not be allowed to play during the tournament. All exceptions will be handled by the tournament directors.


o SPECIAL NOTE: All military personnel should be ready to upload proof of military service prior to moving forward with registration. If you upload your ID or any military document please make sure to blank out SSN.


o Once players have been registered and paid, they will be in the database of players eligible for the draft. Once drafted by a team, players are managed by their captain or team manager. Draft date and party details will be released via our Facebook page in the near future. IT WILL BE SWEET!


o Teams may carry up to 19 Skaters (15 and 4 subs) on your rosters. There is no exception to this policy.


o Players register and pay for themselves, and will be rostered according to the upcoming draft. Team manager and captains requiring more skaters will be notified of these potential players, and can except them onto their roster. The team is responsible for these players and how they play during the tournament. As in the past, teams that do not have the required amount of Veteran’s, will be able to request their primary next of kin or close relative who currently serves or has served in the past. The player will be responsible for providing proof of service for their relative to avoid potential controversy with the selection process.


2. Players pay their fee through the UHL website (link will be provided in very near future). Target for opening this link is 8 MAR 19. All registration actions and payments will close 31MAR19. Tournament directors will handle all exceptions. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are having difficulty completing registration.


Thank you! We cannot wait to see you at the tournament. We look forward to a wonderful weekend honoring all of our Military members, raising funds for our tremendous service families, while playing hockey and having fun!



Derek Tillemans and Russ Lusk

Tournament Directors


Please direct questions to:

Derek Tillemans
Tournament Director



Russ Lusk
Tournament Director